MEP Elena Kountoura attends TRAN committee

MEP Elena Kountoura attends TRAN committee, expresses pleasure as EU commission agrees to establish Road Transport Organisation

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Europe: The Member of Parliament (MEP) of Europe, Elena Kountoura has been attending TRAN committee of the European Parliament in a discussion with the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayyem. The discussion, during the meeting, witnessed talks about “stand with Ukraine,” “Road Safety” and “Intelligent transport systems.

According to the information shared by MEP Elena Kountoura, the Commission has started the processes for establishing a European road transport organization, one of the main requests that the SYRIZA-PS MEP submitted in the report that she prepared as European Parliament rapporteur on road safety until 2030 was adopted as a resolution.

The new European Coordinator announced this decision for Road Safety, Kristian Schmidt, at a meeting of the TRAN Transport and Tourism Committee, where, responding to a related statement by Elena Kountoura, he stated that the Commission is starting procedures for the establishment of an organization for road transport.

Elena Kountoura expressed her satisfaction at the acceptance of her request by the Commission, which is a critical success of the European Parliament and a decisive development for the support of the EU’s road transport policy.

In her intervention at TRAN, the MEP had asked the new European Coordinator for Road Safety to position herself at the meeting regarding the need to establish a new organization for road safety, which will give impetus to the European policy for road safety.

MEP Kountoura attended the meeting on September 28. The schedule of the meeting was –
1. Adoption of agenda
2. Chair’s announcements
3. Approval of minutes of meetings
4. Exchange of views with Mustafa Nayyem, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Infrastructure
5. Meeting of the Tourism Task Force: Exchange of views on advancing on-water recreation and tourism
6. Exchange of views with Kristian Schmidt, EU Coordinator for Road Safety (DG MOVE)
7. The New EU Urban Mobility Framework
8. Amending Directive 2010/40/EU on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport
9. Any other business

According to the information shared, the next meeting is scheduled on October 3 2022, 21.00 – 22.30 at Strasbourg.