Mas Dominik to pay homage to Alwin Bully, true patriot

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Roseau, Dominica: Mas Dominik, a widely known Caribbean carnival of Dominica, this year is paying homage to the Alwin Bully. He is a cultural maestro and a person behind Dominica’s National flag.

He was also honored by the Ministry of Tourism at the Mas Dominik’s opening ceremony, which was held in January by presenting a plaque to his brother. He has played a significant role in creating Dominica’s unique and vibrant culture. Even the Tourism Ministry has invited the public to join them in paying tribute.

“In the heart of Carnival, join as we pay homage to this icon, whose legacy continues to sparkle,” mentioned the Tourism Ministry.

Alwin Bully even has played a dynamic role contributing to the Carnival and has left an inerasable mark on the heritage. Last year, on hearing of the death of such a prominent personality, the whole country went into a dilemma as his role can not be forgotten.

He is the one who established and developed the Department of Culture and was the first director who set the foundation for the promotion of the country’s cultural art forms. As Chief Cultural Officer from 1983 to 1987, he established the National Cultural Council, the Dominica Artists’ Guild, the Writers’ Guild, the Dominica Nation Pan Association, the Carnival Organizing Committee and the Komite Pou Etid Kweyol.

Alwin Bully has been in various positions and acted as an active agent for the change. Various of the roles which he has played are:

  • He has been a teacher and an acting Principal at the Dominica Grammar School from 1977 – 1978.
  • He has worked as the Acting Manager of the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation, DBS Radio from 1982 – 1983.
  • He as well has been an advisor to the Minister of Culture from 2008 – 2010.

He has also served as UNESCO’s Caribbean Culture Advisor for over twenty years and assisted the Cultural Departments in CARICOM member states in developing programmes and policies.

Because of his major contribution to the country, he is considered a National Icon of the highest class, a true patriot and a hero who represented the people of Dominica with great pride.

George Henry
George Henry
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