Man drops haversack with narcotics, ammunition and flees away, Guyana police investigates

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Georgetown, Guyana: The authorities of Guyana are conducting a thorough investigation to find the man who dropped a haversack containing drugs and ammunition and fled the scene. The incident is reported to have taken place in the surroundings of Bacherlor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara. 

As per the details, the officers were on mobile patrol duty in the said area when they discovered a man who was dressed in black clothes. The man was walking along a street and was acting in a suspicious manner which raised the doubts of the police officers. 

When the suspect saw the authorities, he dropped the bag ran into a clump of bushes and made his good escape. 

Subsequently, the officers conducted a search of the bag and found several things. The things contained in the bag included 37 zip lock bags which contained leaves, seeds and stems which were suspected to be cannabis. Along with that, they also found thirteen .32 and three live .40 rounds of ammunition. 

The suspected items were taken to the Vigilance Police Station, where the authorities weighed the narcotics found and it amounted equals 71 grams. 

The authorities have stated that they are probing the matter in detail in order to get the culprit punished for the items seized by the officers. The residents of the community have also appreciated the authorities for being active and performing their duties diligently. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views on the incident that took place in Guyana. 

One person commented “Good job authorities, try to catch that suspect as soon as possible, culprits should not be roaming freely outside.”

Another person commented the following “Authorities should conduct such operations more often so that they can reduce all the crime activities from the nation.”

The citizens of the country have urged the administration to implement strict policies and plans to curb the increasing crime rate in the nation. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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