30-year-old psychiatric patient in Guyana injured due to misunderstanding

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Georgetown, Guyana: The misunderstanding between two knowns resulted in causing injuries to a 30-year-old psychiatric patient. The injuries were caused due to wounds created by stabbing on the chest and head. 

The victim has been identified as Orcsenio Benn, a psychiatric patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and resident of Providence East Bank Demerara.

As per the details shared by the authorities, the victim was standing on the western side in the company of the suspect’s brother when the incident took place. It is to be reported that the incident took place on 9th April 2024 at Ketley Street, Charlestown, in the near surroundings of Humphrey Bakery.

As per the reports, the suspect approached him from the northern direction of Ketley Street on a bicycle when he was about to leave to get transportation to go home. Subsequently, the suspect stabbed two to the centre of his chest and one to the right side of his head. 

Following the discovery of the incident, the authorities were informed about the matter and they took immediate action by reaching the crime spot. On reaching the area, the officers initiated the investigation by seizing the place and on examining the body they found the wounds of stabbing over his chest and head. 

Straight after that, the victim, Benn, was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he is undergoing treatment and is currently stable, confirmed the doctors on duty. 

The investigating officers are probing the matter in detail in order to get the culprit punished for the offence he committed. Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views and opinions on the incident. 

One person commented, “OMG, what is going on in our Country every day something God. Speedy recovery bro.”

Another person commented the following “No one is safe in this nation; authorities really need to take strict action against such culprits so that the people think twice before attempting such crimes.”

The residents have requested the authorities of Guyana to implement stringent measures, to ensure the safety and security of every citizen of the nation. 

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