Mabaruma Police Station conducts training session, spread awareness regarding crimes

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Georgetown, Guyana: The ranks of the Mabaruma Police Station conducted a training session based on ‘Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences.’ The session featured several topics of concern regarding the citizen’s security.

The programme was organised at the Mabaruma Police Station and hosted by the officials of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security. As the nation is experiencing a spike in the criminal activities, this session is expected to bring positive outcomes and spread awareness about the within people.

Several topics were discussed during the training session such as,

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Child Sexual Abuse
  3. Hotline (914)
  4. Rape
  5. Sexual Abuse
  6. Domestic Violence Counselling Program
  7. Response to Domestic Violence
  8. Traffic VS Smuggling
  9. Physical Abuse
  10. Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

The participating officers expressed their point of view to the coordinator’s questions. The productive session provided an opportunity to exchange the knowledge regarding regional and national concerns.

Glimpses of training session. (Credits: Guyana Daily News, Facebook)
Glimpses of training session. (Credits: Guyana Daily News, Facebook)

Noting this, the Commander of Regional Division #1, Senior Superintendent H. Sawh expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security. He assured them that the police will work diligently in order to maintain peace and security in the nation.

He also added that they will be collaborating with various NGOs and social workers to address the incidence of physical abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence in Guyana.

Recently, the Guyana police have arrested a 32-year-old Marlon William, also known as DJ Yanic for possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition on Friday. He was detained during the road block exercise.

This reflects the unwavering commitment and untiring efforts of the investigating officers to combat the problem of criminal activities in the country. Usually the stances of crimes put the security and safety of the nationals at risk and it also have a bad effects on the tourism sector.

The authorities are working in order to reduce the number of crimes in Guyana. The public is urged to be aware and immediately informed police if they find something illegal or irrelevant happens around them.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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