Lapo Kabwit, African rooted band to charm Dominica with own rhythms

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Roseau, Dominica: Lapo Kabwit, a band made with traditional musical instruments embedded in the roots of African nations, is again ready to spread joy and celebrations in Dominica during Mas Dominik 2024.

The rhythm which echoes in the air through the band instruments fills the atmosphere with extremely pleasant vibes. The instruments under this are made from various materials from natural resources, which makes it an excellent feature.

The main drum, an instrument in the Lapo Kabwit, is made of dried goat skin stretched over a hollowed base and secured with rope. Interestingly, it is made in the traditional form. And, the other instruments include the shack shacks and boom booms, which are generally hollowed bamboo tubes.

The performance by Lapo Kabwit will extend the positive vibes in the streets of Dominica through the sounds and rhythms produced. Moreover, there will be many events under Mas Dominik 2024 where many other bands as well will showcase their performances.

Lapo Kabwit to come in the streets of Roseau, credits to Discover Dominica Facebook Page
Lapo Kabwit to come in the streets of Roseau, credits to Discover Dominica Facebook Page

From all the bands, Jouve, T shirt bands, Traditional & Contemporary Mas is one. This will grace the Roseau streets on February 12 and 13, 2024 and will bring out the history and contemporary with music, costumes, dance and much more.

The idea of the fun which is going to be in Dominica can even be recalled from the featured talents last Saturday. The feature included various pageants, traditional costumes such as Bwa Bwa, Darkies, Sensay, Ban Move, Lapo Kabwit, Calypsonians, flag wavers, costume bands and revellers from all over the island.

These even present the vibrant culture of the nation and celebrations mark a significant impression, fostering a happy and healthy life among the citizens. Also, makes a country an exciting place to be visited by others, leading towards the escalation in the tourism sector.

Considerably, other events which will take place under Mas Dominik 2024 will offer a long period of festivities through the multiple events to the individuals belonging to the nation or coming from around.

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