Know here: Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MOV) releases vacancy notice

Know here: Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MOV) releases vacancy notice

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Montserrat: The Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO), the agency responsible for monitoring the Soufrière Hills Volcano (SHV) on Montserrat, has advised local authorities on the volcanic activity as well as its associated hazards and risks.

MVO has a diverse education as well as an outreach programme working with the government, schools, media organisations and the general public.

The Education and Outreach Coordinator is responsible for handling all the education and outreach activities at the MVO.

1. Manage all aspects of MVO’s media activities. Including its radio program ‘Volcano Vibes’.
2. Develop and maintain an effective multimedia campaign to continue education about the SHV and to live with an active volcano.
3. Collaborate with scientists and technical staff to develop relevant and engaging information material for public dissemination, emphasising audio-visual material.
4. Work with the education system in Montserrat to strengthen the teaching of earth science and geologic hazards.
5. Manage MVO’s website with the goal of making it the destination of choice for those seeking current and historical information about SHV and the MVO.
6. Develop and maintain an effective educational campaign including, for example, MVO tours, field trips and school visits.
7. Develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders such as the Disaster Management Coordination Agency, the Premier’s Office, and the Governor’s Office.
8. Develop, maintain and update the MVO archive of audio-visual material on the eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano.

Skills and Qualifications:
1. University degree (or equivalent experience) in Earth Sciences, Mass Communications or a related field is required. A post-graduate degree would be an asset.
2. Experience or a background in education is desired.
3. Excellent written or oral communication skills in English are most important.
4. A working knowledge of Spanish would be an asset.
5. The candidate must be experienced in using office, Content Management Systems and graphics software.
6. He or she must have a good understanding of Social Media platforms. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite would be an asset.
7. The candidate should have strong attention to detail.
8. The candidate should have a proven ability to meet deadlines and work in a fast-paced working environment.
9. The candidate should be people-oriented and enjoy working with different age groups, tailoring outreach material accordingly.

Candidates should submit a full curriculum vitae and a cover letter outlining their experience. The deadline is May 31, 2021. Applications should be sent to:
Tel: 1 (664) 491-5647