Know Here: Mizrab, Kashmir's first music training academy

Know Here: Mizrab, Kashmir’s first music training academy in India

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Jammu and Kashmir, India: The young people of Kashmir Valley are not only earning a name for themselves in acting and filmmaking, but they are also singing admirably. Children of all ages receive instruction in singing and music at Irfan Bilal’s Sangeet Academy. These kids receive excellent instruction in the academy in the fundamentals of classical music, Kashmiri folk songs, ghazals, and musical instrument playing, as well as singing and singing technique. Children are also exposed to contemporary music in addition to this.

Many students attend the academy to receive training, not just from Srinagar but also from other districts. Some of them aspire to become well-known singers. More than 120 kids, according to Bilal and Irfan, are currently taking music lessons at our institution.

There are both males and girls in good numbers. Irfan and Bilal have managed this academy jointly since 2013, as Sur and Taal did. Although they initially had several challenges, they have been training young people who have achieved success in this profession with determination.

They desire to fulfil their dreams. These Sangeet masters also have the distinction of having popularised Kashmiri folk music by introducing the Vesaran style, which they did with traditional music. Not only their music but also their vocals were well received. Irfan and Bilal claim that for a few years, young people in this area have been drawn to pursuing music alongside other subjects, frequently as a job today.

The Kashmiri song “Zamane Pokh Na Hum Dum” by Sharat Kashmiri vocalists Irfan Nabi and Bilal Ahmed became quite famous for singing Toti Kya Go, Tamas Gayi Zalf Brahm, Toti Kya Go. After that, the singing group became known as Irfan Bilal, and as of right now, there appears to be just one Irfan Bilal, not two. Among the well-known Kashmir Valley artists are Irfan and Bilal. By showcasing their talent both domestically and abroad, they have gained the admiration of many fans. They are now working on some brand-new Kashmiri tunes that will be published shortly. People will be able to hear.

With this balancing act, Irfan teaches Rabab, Guitar, Tabla, and Santoor, while Bilal teaches vocals to kids. His academy is developing as a result.

The monthly cost is formally paid by the young people who are receiving training. But many underprivileged children who are unable to pay the monthly tuition are also receiving instruction in music and singing at Irfan Bilal’s academy. In this instance, they receive free Geet Sangeet training at the academy. Irfan and Bilal claim that in order to preserve our Kashmiri Folk Sangeet and cultivate Kashmiri Folk Sangeet, it is imperative that we educate students about traditional and folk Geet Sangeet. If aspiring musicians have a better understanding of their traditional music, they will move forward with greater success.