JCF reports crime reduction: 19% drop in murders, 13 reported last week, totaling 46

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Kingston, Jamaica: Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) shared that the country reported 13 murders last week, pushing the overall total to 46. The reports represented a 19 per cent reduction in murders as compared to 2023.

JCF’s crime report is based on year-on-year data, and the island nation has counted around 11 fewer homicides when compared with the corresponding period in 2023.

It is to be noted that the ratio of crimes was shared on January 20, with the exception of Kingston Western Thomas. Apart from them, all other police divisions have recorded one or more murders on every alternative day.

According to the report, the St. James police division tops the list of most murderous so far this year, with 11 murders counted.

Some other divisions counted in the list are as follows,

– St Ann

– Kingston Central

– St Catherine South with three each

– St Catherine North with six each

– Manchester

Fortunately, rape, robbery and break-ins have declined while shooting and injured person reports have increased, stated JCF. People across the country have shown their concern through their official social media handle (Facebook).

While reacting to the report, a person named Maxine Adderley stated, “Criminals do not care about law, their goal is to beat the system. There is no cure for such a mindset other than six feet underground. They are still committing crimes from behind bars.”

Another FB user by the name of Leon Bernard remarked, “Most of these killings are hatred among long-eyed people and family set up.”

Moreover, JCF initially released the first crime report of this year, which shows that the nation has reported 33 murders in the first 13 days. Shockingly, thirteen of the 19 police stations have reported at least one or more murders in a day since the beginning of this year.

In terms of crime, Jamaica is listed at the 4th position among Caribbean nations to report a high number of crimes. The country has a vibrant culture that welcomes tourists, but high crime rates involving both violent crimes as well as gang wars affect the tourism in the country.

People may be afraid of visiting this island nation, which can harm Jamaica‘s economy to suffer. To tackle such situations, the authorities are advised to take serious actions and implement strict laws to combat the crimes.

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