JCF: Jamaica registers 33 murders in first 13 days of 2024

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has released the first crime report for this year, which shows that the nation has reported 33 murders in the first 13 days, which is somewhat similar to that of the previous year, 2023.

It is to be noted that the nation counted 33 murders last year at the same time. Shockingly, thirteen of the 19 police stations have reported at least one or more murders in a day since the beginning of this year.

As per the statement of St James police division, they have witnessed nine murders so far this year. This division led the country in murders for many good years, and according to the, they are reporting murder cases on every alternative day. It is unfortunate that the number of such crimes is increasing as they reported five murders till the same date in 2023.

Notably, no murder had been committed in the parish up to that time last year in 2023, but unfortunately, the area police division, At Ann, has recorded five homicides as of the period under review.

Further to the relieving state, The Trekawny, Kingston Western, St Andrew North, Clarendon, St Maru and St Thomas police stations reported no murder to date.

It is to be added in the remarks of officials that shootings have increased in the country by 50 per cent, and due to this, 39 incidents occurred in due course of time.

Moreover, there is also an increase in the count of injured persons, with 32 reports compared to 20 during the previous year.

According to JCF, Jamaica has witnessed a decline in rape and robbery cases. Many people within the country took to their official Facebook handles to share their frustration and opinions regarding the spike in crimes.

While reacting to the news, a person named Bruce Whyte wrote, “There are easy solutions to the crime menace. However, they all will infringe on the human and constitutional rights, also personal freedoms and privileges for all Jamaicans. What wights and privileges will you be willing to give up to cut murders as close to 0 as is humanly possible?”

Another FB user by the name of Jermaine Donavon commented, “And like last year the people pretend to be alarmed by the murderers, but they are the same adults who are performing the ritual of singing and dancing to music about chop off head and shot in a skull. They are the same Christians who attend church on Sunday but endorse and promote these artists in their media houses and in their schools. The crime situation will not change until the culture changes.”

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