Jamaica’s Narcotics Division seizes over 900 pounds of Ganja, investigation continues

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Portland, Jamaica: The Narcotics Division of Jamaica conducted an operation in Norwich, Port Antonio in Portland on Friday and seized over 900 pounds of Ganja.

As per the reports, the officers conducted an operation in the coastal areas of the community and held a search there. While conducting the search, the authorities discovered 18 knitted bags.


Subsequently, all those bags were searched by the officers and they contained 919 rounds of compressed Ganja which was concealed in shrubs. Following the discovery that drugs were sent to check their value, it was estimated to be around JM$ 9,190,000.

Notably, the authorities has not arrested anyone in the incident yet but they are conducting investigations thoroughly in order to get the culprit punished for the offence they committed.

Moreover, the officers have requested the citizens of the country to assist them in providing information regarding the incident if they have any questions. For the same, the officers have shared the contact details of the Narcotics Division and the police authorities.

The officials added that a person with any information can either contact the Narcotics Division at 876-923-5729 or they can dial police emergency number 119 or Crime Stop at 311.

The authorities have ensured that they are trying their best in order to find the person who possesses these narcotic substances so that authorities can take action against him or her.

Several residents of the community took to their official social media accounts to share their views and opinions of the news.

One person commented, “It is good that authorities are conducting such kind of operations and making necessary apprehensions, it is very much needed that over-consumption of narcotic substances should be stopped.”

Another person commented the following “Authorities should find that suspect soonest so that he or she should get harsh punishment, they are becoming such a bad teacher for the younger generation.”

The residents of the community have raised their concern for the youth of the nation and how the criminals are setting bad examples for the upcoming generation. They have asked the authorities to take strict measures in order to ensure that the younger generation is able to stay away from such criminal activities. 

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