51-year-old Jamaican succumbed to death following robbery, investigation continues

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: A 51-year-old Jamaican was stabbed to death on Thursday morning during a robbery at a Negril Transport Centre in Westmoreland, where she regularly visited to do her business. 

The name of the deceased was revealed by the officers, she has been identified as Sandra Haseley resident of Townhead, Burnt Savannah in the parish. 

As per the reports shared by the police authorities, the vendor went to the back of the transport centre when the nearby trespassers saw the victim running from the area without her strap bag which she was carrying around her neck. 

Soon after that, the nearby people immediately informed the authorities and alerted them about the incident. When the officers reached the area, they found the vendor sitting on her knees and clutching her neck. 

The officers tried to examine her and found a wound to the left side of her neck. Therefore, she was immediately taken to the hospital where doctors on duty examined her and pronounced her dead. 

The authorities are investigating the matter thoroughly and are trying their best to find the culprit and get that person punished for the offence he or she committed. Notably, the whole story behind the robbery and the incident is still not clear, yet but the authorities have stated that they are figuring things out and trying their best to solve the issue. 

The citizens of the nation also flooded social media with their views and opinions on the news. One person with a Facebook handle Nicola Richards commented, “Pray for our children, pray against premature deaths in our children, pray for their healing and deliverance, pray for souls to be saved.”

Another person with a Facebook account Eda May commented the following “So sad in the easter holiday season, my condolences to her family and friends.”

Such instances are raising concerns of the citizens, therefore they have requested the administration to take strict measures to ensure the safety and security of the nation. 

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