Jamaican footballer Raheem Sterling to be honored by Queen Elizabeth II

Jamaican footballer Raheem Sterling to be honored by Queen Elizabeth II

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Promotion of racial equality in the sport like football Jamaican international football player Raheem Sterling was greeted by Queen Elizabeth II for this work. He has been honored by the Queen.

The Queen’s Birthday Honor list contains 2 names that were supposed to be rewarded individually for bravery, achievement and service in their respected fields. First was Manchester City, and 2nd was England Forward.

Raheem Sterling is 26 years old and has been involved in activities in anti-racism and anti discriminations who has been made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. MBE is the third highest-ranking Order of the British Empire award. It is also given to someone for doing a positive work in their field of work.

Raheem Sterling said that he is grateful to have been recognized, but his priority should to try to help to educate society and himself. If that doesn’t start from within, then there’s no way anybody can help others. He is learning every day.

Raheem Sterling is Premier League and League Cup winner of this season, had been reduced to racial slurs in stadiums and online since his career.

He took part in an anti-racism campaign, “No Room For Racism”, in 2019. He was finally awarded with the Integrity and Impact Award at the BT Sport Industry Awards for speaking out on a chain of social issues, including racism.

During the height of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, due to the death of George Floyd, Raheem Sterling was also one of the English Premier League players that replaced their names on their jersey with the anti-racial logo “Black Lives Matter.”

Sterling expressed disappointment that many of his fans can not understand the reason behind it.

The Queen’s Birthday Honors List has 262 people in it, many of them have been confirmed for coronavirus-related actions.