Jamaica: Well-known Businesswoman shot dead along with her domestic help in Westmoreland

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Kingston, Jamaica: In a shocking incident, a renowned businesswoman, along with her domestic help has been murdered at a shop. The murders took place in the Whitehouse, Westmoreland, on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Among the murdered are two women. The police authorities have identified the deceased as a 45-year-old, Sophia Brown, a 58-year-old farmer and domestic helper, Bernie Lewis.

Both of the women hale from Long Hill in Whitehouse, the police officials, further noted. As per the sources, there’s a possibility that it is a case of attempted robbery.

The incident:

On the afternoon of Wednesday, when Brown was at a grocery and wholesale shop which was being operated by her, two men wearing the hoodies entered the shop, pretending to be as customers.

When she went towards the men, with the motive to offer them assistance, the men opened gunfire, during which Brown was left wounded to her upper body part and leaving Lewis injured to her head. The armed men then escaped from the crime scene.

It is believed that the murderers had a solid reason to kill the victims as none of the other individuals or customers in the shop were injured, as per the reports of the police officers. Meanwhile, the police has made no official statement regarding the motive of the murderers, although an investigation has been commenced by them.

The crime rate in Jamaica has witnessed an immense soar in the past months. Just from the starting of this year, the island reported more than 40 murders, that is just in a week.

The Jamaican government has taken several stringent measures and guidelines to curb the rising crime rate, such as – imposing a curfew and a state of emergency. Prime Minister Andrew Holness has given full authority to the Jamaican police force to take any action which they want so as to reduce and eliminate the criminal activities.