Jamaica to seek vaccines from India, China, and Cuba 

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Jamaica: Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton announced that the Government has engaged with the respective ambassadors(India, China, and Cuba) and manifested interest in receiving the vaccines for Jamaica

According to Dr. Christopher Tufton, “India, China, and Cuba countries are well advanced in their vaccines’ research and clinical trials. Our number one priority ensures the safety of our people.” 


Furthermore, Tufton stated at a virtual press briefing yesterday. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, The Head of the World Health Organization (WHO), last week represented grave concern that rich countries had begun to hog the COVID-19 vaccine market, sidelining the COVAX facility, which was authenticated to guarantee fair access for both rich and developing countries. 

As parties to the COVAX facility, Dr. Christopher Tufton stated some countries had reneged on that undertaking and are occupied in bilateral arrangements, jeopardizing the global vaccination program. 

The Pan American Health Organization declared, “it would be too costly for poor countries on their own to seem deals with developers, and so COVAX was the answer to evenhanded access.”

According to Dr. Christopher Tufton, the Chinese Government announces it has been supporting especially with developing countries and would continue to encourage equitable distribution and application of vaccines globally.

Jamaica is expected to sustain its first tranche of vaccines during the first quarter of this year. Furthermore, Dr. Christopher Tufton stated that through COVAX, the vaccines that would most quickly be available would be Astra Zeneca and Astra Zeneca/Serum Institute of India. 

He also remarked that availability is pending the crisis use listing from the WHO. Jamaica has witnessed more than usual cases of lethal coronavirus. This results in an immediate need for vaccines in the nation. 

India’s High Commissioner to JamaicaRungsung Masakui, says that his country is exploring arrangements with Jamaica to give COVID-19 vaccines to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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