Jamaica: PM Andrew Holness asks people to join hands to help gun violence victim, Ne-Sean Blair

Jamaica: PM Andrew Holness asks people to join hands to help gun violence victim, Ne-Sean Blair

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Jamaica: Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, used his official social media account to support a gun violence victim, Ne-Sean Blair. Along with this, he has also raised his voice against gun violence prevailing in the nation.


He told the story of 16-year-old Blair, who was shot while at a shop in his community and is now paralyzed from the shoulders down. Ne-Sean’s parents have to provide him with round-the-clock care, which has been both financially and emotionally devastating and has forever changed the trajectory of all their lives.


The post by PM Holness read that these are the unseen and unknown victims of gun violence whose deep pain and suffering endure day after day while we as a society fail to arrive at a political and civil consensus that there is a crisis. Ne-Sean survived his gunshot wound, but many, whose stories we may never hear, died; their families are in perpetual mourning for their loss, and their lives will never be the same. All this while those who kill and devastate the lives of hundreds of Jamaicans walk around freely, free to do it again, to repeat it many times over, destroying the communities and permanently altering life as we know it.


Prime Minister of Jamaica, Holness, noted, “While we go back and forth, people are being killed and irreparably harmed. In the case of Ne-Sean, he has lived to go on living, and he is grateful to be alive. Though he struggles, he is not angry or bitter; he is focused on his recovery and achieving his dreams. Ne-Sean says, “Life is the greatest thing,” and he’s going to live it positively.”


While informing about the incident happened, it mentioned that Ne-Sean is on a journey towards recovery, his treatment is expensive, and his family is doing everything they can to help him regain mobility. I have been helping Ne-Sean and have been closely monitoring his journey and will continue to do so.


Ne-Sean was recently in the United States for treatment and needed to return to continue. In addition to his own contribution, he is encouraging those who can contact his mother, Kedine Wilson Blair, who has a GoFundMe for Ne-Sean: https://gofund.me/4cdc112b.


“I recently had a long chat with Ne-Sean and told him I’d be with him on this journey. I invite you to watch the interview, which I will publish soon, to hear more about Ne-Sean’s story and how he and his family and friends are navigating his new normal and working towards his full recovery,” Prime Minister informed.