Jamaica: PM Andrew Holness addresses Diplomatic Week 2023
Jamaica: PM Andrew Holness addresses Diplomatic Week 2023

Kingston, Jamaica: Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness recently participated in Diplomatic Week 2023, during which he addressed the audience and highlighted some of the major issues in the nation. The information about the same was shared by the Prime Minister through a social media post consisting of a video of the event.

One of the social media posts by the Prime Minister informed that speaking at Diplomatic Week 2023; he noted that an issue that will consume a significant portion of the government’s attention is its transition to republic status. “It is imperative, and we will seek to do this in short order,” PM Holness was quoted saying.


He furthermore mentioned that the government had been working days and nights to turn this into reality. “We have already put in place the mechanisms to start this process. We consider this an important part of completing our political independence,” the post by the prime minister mentioned.

In addition to this, Prime Minister Andrew Holness mentioned the increase in criminal activities in the Caribbean region. He mentioned that the countries like Jamaica had experienced a surge in the use of fatal violence to resolve domestic disputes and inter-gang rivalries.

He further assured that the government has been working hard the improvement of the criminal situation in the country. He stated, “We have invested heavily in our national security strategy and are continuously seeking to improve it. We have also taken significant steps to engage our partners in the fight against crime.”

Additionally, he outlined that one such step is the government’s investment in social programmes to train the youngsters of Jamaica and divert them away from criminal activity.

Earlier, while welcoming the Jamaicans to the new month – March, he assured them that he would work for the betterment and advancement of the nation. Prime Minister noted, “My continued pledge to Jamaica is effective governance, supported by a conscientious and thoughtful policy crafted in the best interest of all Jamaicans.”