Jamaica: Firing case at bar leads to death of Disc Jockey

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Manchester, Jamaica: An unknown assailant armed with a firearm shot the disc jockey of Jamaica to death at a bar in Royal Flat, Manchester on Sunday, 5th May 2024. The suspect has not yet been identified by the officers, but they have promised to probe the matter in detail.

The deceased has been identified as 31-year-old Davian Anderson also famously known as “DJ Dippo”, a resident of Royal Flat. As per the reports shared by the officers, an unknown assailant entered the bar and opened fire on Anderson and a 36-year-old woman. 

The name and identity of the woman have not been revealed yet by the authorities. Following the incident, the residents of the community extended help to the injured victims of the act of crime that occurred at the bar. 

They both were transported to the hospital where the doctors on duty conducted a thorough investigation of them and pronounced DJ Dippo dead. The 36-year-old woman is currently in hospital and is undergoing medical treatment. 

Following the incident, several residents of the community expressed sorrow on demise of DJ Dippo and extended their condolences to the deceased. They also raised concerns about the increasing crime activities taking place in the country.

One person commented, “Condolences to friends and family members of DJ Dippo. Such criminal activities are becoming a serious concern. Too many unsolved murders in that area it is a hotbed. Recently bellfield, Williamsfield. Robberies are assassinations, and they are targeting small businesses. I don’t know when all this will end.”

Another person commented the following “Bars in Manchester is getting targeted. Too many crimes are occurring there; authorities need to take some serious action in order to stop this. How can someone enter the place and open fire on any person? It’s high time, officers, wake up.”

The residents of the community have requested the administration to take some serious action about the increasing crime rate. They especially mentioned the installation of cameras in bars and every gathering place with the motive of ensuring the safety and security of every citizen of the nation.

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