Jamaica: 20-year-old delivery man stabs co-worker with knife

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: A 20-year-old delivery man who used the knife to stab his co-worker at his job has been charged by the authorities of Jamaica. This incident is reported to have taken place last week at Three Miles River in Frome, Westmoreland.

Boththe suspect and victim were working as the delivery man with the same company. The suspect has been identified as Dwight Heath, from St Ann’s Bay, St Ann and the name of the victim has not been revealed yet by the officers but is a resident of Christiana in Manchester. 

As per the details shared by the officers, both the suspect and victim were at their workplace when they got into a heated argument. During the dispute, the suspect took out a knife and used it to stab the victim, resulting in severe injuries to the left side of his lower back and abdomen. 

The suspect, Dwight Heath made an escape from the area following the stabbing attack. Meanwhile, the body of the victim, who was bleeding from the wounds caused by the attack, was observed by the nearby residents, and they promptly took him to the Savanna-la-mar Hospital. 

The doctors on duty examined him thoroughly and admitted him to a hospital. As per the reports, the victim is still hospitalized and is undergoing some medical treatment. 

Moreover, the authorities conducted a thorough investigation of the case which resulted in apprehension of the suspect who was on run. After being caught by the authorities, he committed the crime and was immediately charged with wounding with intent. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views and opinions on the incident. 

One person commented “What is going on in Jamaica, every argument is resulting into someone’s death. Authorities need to take actions.”

Another person commented the following “No body is in peace in Westmorelandcrimes have increased to a great extent.”

 The residents have requested the administration to take stringent measures with a motive to reduce increasing crime rate in the country. 

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