Jamaica: 1-year-old infant dies after father left her in car for 8 hours

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Kingston, Jamaica: A toddler was left in the car for around 8 hours, after which the one-year-old girl baby died. Sergeant Sheldon Dobson mistakenly left his daughter in the car, and after a while, when he remembered about her, the infant was in an unconscious state. The incident took place on Monday.

The baby was then taken to the Black River Hospital immediately, where she was declared dead on Wednesday morning. Both of the parents work in the Jamaican Police Force, who, because of shock, are not able to speak a word.

Rosalee Gage-Grey, CEO of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), giving a statement on the incident, informed that till now, they had not commenced any investigation, adding continuous support from their part is being provided.

Gage-Grey asserted, “In such incidents, we act as first responders alongside other stakeholders, such as the police officials, victim services, others in child welfare, to offer support for the family and others involved. It is very early days yet. Our officers moved on the ground, and we await their reports”.

The statements by the close relatives reveal that the one-year-old was being taken to daycare for the past 2-3 days, as her grandmother, who used to take care of her, fell ill.

One of the family friends, in conversation with the local media, said, “I know people are going to say she is a child and how could he forget, but sometimes even your mobile phone is in your hand, and you are looking for it”. The police force, friends and relatives are seen standing in support of the child’s parents.

Politician as well as Businessman of St Elizabeth, Kern Spencer, called on the JCF to offer much-needed counselling to infant’s parents, adding, “I urge his colleagues to stay very close to him because I am sure the entire situation is weighing heavily on his mind”.