Israel set to begin mass vaccination against COVID-19 from December 27

DHL Delivering COVID-19 Vaccine to Israel
DHL Delivering COVID-19 Vaccine to Israel

Tel Aviv: Israel is all ready, to begin with mass immunisation against COVID-19 On December 27, announced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said this while an address late Wednesday that was aired by Israeli TV channels. Israel received its initial delivery of COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday.

“We will begin the first vaccinations on December 27 – in two and a half weeks. Israel is set to make 60,000 shots per day, and this is a huge number, “Netanyahu asserted.

Netanyahu continued that Israeli health officials will allow the so-called green passport for those vaccinated. This will allow them to travel freely. He said that he himself would be vaccinated.

In November, Netanyahu had stated signing of the agreement with Pfizer to acquire two-dose jabs for 4 million of its residents.

Israel also has dealt with US company Moderna and other vaccine producers. The nation also began experiments of its own vaccine in November. Phase-3 of these tests are scheduled for April-May.

Earlier, Jerusalem`s Hadassah Medical Center, one of Israel`s most absolute medical facilities, stated it had secured 1.5 million doses of Russian-made coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V, with the shipments pending the ministry`s permission. If the ministry rejects authorization, Hadassah intends to use the vaccine in its international branches.

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