India to provide quality education to Bhutanese students, claims reports
India to provide quality education to Bhutanese students, claims reports (image credits google)
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Thimphu, Bhutan: Bhutanese students seeking to get world-class education have now received great news regarding their education goals without having to bear the higher costs of studying abroad. India is set to open its boundaries to foreign universities, reported Bhutan Live.

According to the reports, the step to introduce foreign educational institution (FEIs) in India were taken by India’s University Grants Commission in January further to liberalise the entry of international students to the nation.

At the time of the UGC, draft (Setting up and Operation of Campuses of FEIs in India), Regulations 2023, was opened for discussions.

Furthermore, the FEIs got the clearance for the first time in history to set up their campuses in India, among which the institutions will offer programs such as undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels along with other academics degrees, diplomas and certificates in all disciplines, basically on the standalone basis with the approval of the UGC, reported Bhutan Live.

The students from Bhutan are expected to be benefited from the step along with students from other south Asian Countries; even though there is good academic infrastructure present in their home countries, yet they choose India and the West for higher studies.

A huge chunk of the students are keen to acquire degrees in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, which are also facilitated by the scholarships for bright students, noted reports.

According to The Bhutan Live, a foreign university about to enter India should have ranked among the top 500 positions in overall /subject.

It must complete the requirement of being a reputed institution in its home country. “the Indian higher education institutions are about to experience a major boost at the time of implementation of the regulations,” reports added.

By implementing the regulations, the students from Bhutan will receive world-class education for their higher studies in their home country.

Moreover, better opportunities will be provided to the faculties along with international-level competition, which also boosts the nation’s economy due to the increased investment in the education industry, reported Bhutan Live.