Guyana: Labour Ministry lauds Mekeda Richardson for winning Welding and Fabrication certificate
Guyana: Labour Ministry lauds Mekeda Richardson for winning Welding and Fabrication certificate || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Labour

Georgetown, Guyana: Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Guyana has lauded Mekeda Richardson’s desire to become certified in Welding and Fabrication has come true, despite her initial apprehension about enrolling at the Board of Industrial Training.

The ministry further informed, “I can’t believe I’m one of the thousands who received a certification from the Board of Industrial Training and that it only took me scrolling through my Facebook page to locate the agency’s advertisements,” the resident of Linden told BIT’s representative.

The post further noted that she went on to say that after looking through the agency’s Facebook page to see what they had to offer, she decided to take advantage of the free government training programme. Richardson noted that this was her finest decision yet because the Board of Industrial Training allowed her to learn numerous techniques and abilities that she could apply in her everyday activities.

Furthermore, it outlined that she also expressed gratitude to her program’s instructor for believing in her and offering much-needed assistance in completing this demanding programme. A skill, she says, displays the government’s commitment to providing its citizens with the essential skills and knowledge to enable them to participate effectively in the country’s progress.

Richardson intends to start her own business as soon as she is able to finish some details before formally opening its doors. This act, she claims, will not only allow her to become her own boss but will also offer much-needed jobs in the community.

While concluding, it mentioned, “I believe that starting my own firm would benefit everyone involved. As a result, I would advise people to get involved so that they, like me, can achieve success in life.”

The ministry has been providing certificates to deserving residents on a regular basis. Earlier, the ministry certificated a family of four.