India: Kisama, a beautiful village showcasing Naga’s culture and tradition
India: Kisama, a beautiful village showcasing Naga’s culture and tradition || Picture Courtesy: Google

Nagaland, India: Kisama is a village of great cultural and historical significance nestled in the rugged terrain of the Kohima district of Nagaland. It is recognised for its illustrious past and generational transmission of traditional customs.

The annual Hornbill Festival, which honours the various Naga tribes along with their traditional customs, is celebrated in the village and is well-known for it. Many travellers and tourists from all over the world come to this celebration, which takes place during the first week of December.


The sound of traditional Naga music and the brilliant colours of the Naga shawls and costumes will welcome you as you enter Kisama village. With each tribe presenting its distinct customs and way of life, the hamlet serves as a living museum of Naga heritage and culture.

The Naga Heritage Village, a museum that preserves and presents the rich cultural history of the Naga people, is located in the village. The museum is home to an amazing collection of artefacts, which includes antique household goods, musical instruments, and weapons. Traditional Naga crafts like bamboo weaving and woodcarving can also be seen being done live for visitors.

The traditional Naga homes in Kisama village, made of bamboo and thatch, are among its most remarkable features. The stilted homes feature a distinctive design that allows for natural light and ventilation. As visitors go around the hamlet, they can see the many architectural styles that each tribe has developed.

Naga culture is deeply rooted in food, and Kisama village gives tourists a chance to sample authentic Naga fare. The cuisine is renowned for its strong flavours and utilisation of regional ingredients including smoked meat, bamboo shoots, and akhuni (fermented soybeans). Moreover, the community features a market where tourists can purchase trinkets and handicrafts.

The residents of Kisama village are friendly and eager to show visitors their culture and traditions. They are adamant about keeping their traditions alive for upcoming generations since they are proud of them. The settlement is proof of the Naga people’s tenacity and their resolve to preserve their culture in a world that is changing quickly.

A hidden gem in Nagaland, Kisama village allows tourists to fully experience the rich culture and heritage of the Naga people. The village serves as a living museum, showcasing the long-standing Naga traditions and practises. Everyone who is interested in discovering the variety and beauty of Naga culture must go there.