ICC confirms “Batsman” term to be replaced with “Batter” in support of gender equality

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World: ICC – International Cricket Council has now given confirmation that it will now use the term “Batter” instead of “Batsman” for the player who is on the crease irrespective of gender.

The current interim CEO of ICC – Geoff Allardice, cited that, “The ICC has been utilising the term “Batter” fort sometime now across our channels and in the commentary, and we welcome the – MCC’s decision to implement it into the laws of the cricket and would follow suit with our playing conditions that have been derived from the laws.”

Following the statement, the CEO noted that the evolution of changing the term was much needed in today’s time. He outlined the “Batter” term and asserted that it would be a gender-neutral term such as – bowler, wicket-keeper, and fielder after the decision.

Cricket fans and people across the world are appreciating this decision of the ICC with the motive to support and enhance gender equality.

Whilst, on the other hand, there are few individuals who have raised several questions on the decision to change the Batsman term. People are stating that changing the term will get nothing and will not be able to bring change in society.

In support of the decision, some people have stated that the council delayed the decision to replace the cricket term.

This is considered a great step by even some experts to stop the discrimination on the basis of gender, especially in the world of sports.