Housekeeping Professionals in St Lucia honoured for selfless service. (Picture credits: Anse Chastanet St Lucia, Facebook)

Housekeeping Professionals in Saint Lucia honoured for selfless service

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The housekeeping staff was paid rich tributes and was felicitated for its immense contribution to tourism under International Housekeepers Week, commemorated during September.

The event of International Housekeepers Week was celebrated at the Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa & Beach Resort under the theme “Be Kind.”

Under the leadership of Anna-Maria Noelin, housekeepers and supervisors threw themselves into finding creative and innovative ways to showcase kindness by organizing a bring-an-item-to-giveaway day. 

The 95-strong housekeeping team, working with the maintenance department, contributed two and a half hampers weighing up to two hundred- and fifty pounds to the New Beginning Transit Home in Saint Lucia.

The manager of the home- Mrs Avis Charles- felt literally emotional and moved to tears when she realized that the donation came from the team members. 

She expressed her gratitude as this really meant so much to her because she loved a neat and clean house and dedicated housekeeping. 

The International Housekeeping Week:

International Housekeeping Week is celebrated to honour the tireless efforts and invaluable contribution and commitment of the guardians of cleanliness.

During this special week, the world comes together to pay homage to the unsung heroes who work energetically behind the scenes to keep the  working space and living area  safe, immaculate, clean and comfortable.

The appreciation is not limited to International Housekeeping Week; however, it gives an opportunity to every individual to shed  the spotlight on the wonderful housekeeping team.

Acknowledging the backbone of healthcare and hospitality:

Every individual must acknowledge housekeeping as it is an integral part of the numerous industries with healthcare and hospitality. Especially in resorts and hotels, housekeeping staff certify that guests experience an environment of comfort, cleanliness, luxury and hygiene throughout their stay.

From making beds to cleaning bathrooms, their selfless dedication leaves a long-lasting impression on the visitors. In the healthcare sector, housekeepers hold a special role in safeguarding and securing the well-being and health of the patients along with medical staff and visitors.

Their dedication and commitment to ensure a sanitized environment is required to prevent the spread of infection. A clean and tidy  ambience  supports a conducive atmosphere for healing.

International Housekeeping Week is an excellent opportunity to showcase the importance of housekeeping as a profession and inspire young individuals to consider it as a prospective career option.