Haiti: 4 died in openfire by group of gunmen

Four individuals were shot down and died in an open fire by gunmen on Monday night in Haiti.

Haiti: Four individuals were shot down and died in an open fire by gunmen on Monday night in Haiti. A group of unidentified gunmen initiated open fire on the two public transport buses.

The incident took place in Martissant. It is an area regulated by armed groups and from which some 20,000 individuals have been displaced due to clashes with the Haitian gangs.

The motive of the gunmen has yet not been declared by the Haitian police officials.

Murders, kidnappings and gang violence is constantly rising in Haiti, making it the country that has the highest crime rate.

While on the same day, in another incident, four individuals were injured in a similar kind of attack.

Criminal activities are soaring high in the Caribbean island of Haiti. Despite governments’ promises to terminate crime from the island but still, no improvement is being witnessed.

If we look at the statistics, they show that more than 900 individuals have been murdered since the beginning of this year. Recently, the Haitian 400 mawozo gang kidnapped 17 United States and Canadian missionaries, out of which 12 individuals succeeded in escaping.

The remaining individuals were released by the Haitian gang in the month of November.

The island is also lacking behind in terms of vaccinating its population against the contagious COVID-19 virus. It is the country with the lowest vaccination rate in the Caribbean region.

PAHO, Pan American Health Organisation, stated its projections note that Haiti, including Jamaica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Guatemala, St Lucia, and Grenada, may not achieve WHO’s vaccination coverage target.

The impoverished island of the Latin American and Caribbean region is currently battling with numerous issues such as – political instability, fuel shortage, high crime rate, gang violence, poverty and hunger crisis.

Numerous nations across the globe are being urged by the United Nations to come forward and assist the island in its battles in the way they can.