Guyana: Pomeroon Supenaam women, top performers in TVET training offered by BIT

Guyana: Pomeroon Supenaam women, top performers in TVET training offered by BIT

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Guyana: A total of 147 persons residing in the Cinderella County, Region Two graduated on Monday, March 21, 2022, in several courses delivered by the BIT during 2020-2021, facilitated by the Essequibo Technical Institute (ETI), St Deny’s Village Council, Capoey Village Council, and the Pomona Women and Youth Reaching Out Group.

The graduates completed four to six months of training in Commercial Food Preparation, Garment Construction, Heavy Duty Equipment Operation, Data Operation, Office Administration, Shade House Gardening, General Building Construction, Electrical Installation, Boat Building, and Cosmetology.

The courses were not gendered biased but catered to every Guyanese, regardless of their social or financial background. However, what was strikingly different about this batch of graduates from the region, is the significant increase of females receiving certificates after completing male-dominated courses. This depicted another mandate of the Ministry of Labour as a success for empowering young girls and women not to marginalize themselves when pursuing a skill.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Joseph Hamilton, Minister of Labour, Chairperson of Region Two, Vilma De Silva, and Senior Technical Officer with responsibility for Region Two, Bevon Sheperd, at the ETI auditorium.

Proudly speaking to the gathering, De Silva told the graduates the importance of them developing the passion for using the skills they received to become earners and break the barrier where the male is the main breadwinner.

“We have seen this beautiful region grown, and those who are listed as the big earners are men. It is time for us to turn our page and enter into our purses when there is a financial shortfall in the home. Today, financial independence is given to you thanks to the Government of Guyana; I urge you the graduates to put your skills to use, build on what you have learned and spread the word to other women who may need self-development,” she expressed.

Delivering his featured address, Minister Hamilton congratulated the tutors, stakeholders, and beneficiaries and thanked them for ensuring each program offered by BIT was completed, despite the challenges faced.

“With the re-establishment of the Labour Ministry, there was much good that was delivered to the people of this beautiful nation. Before, people had no clue what was the Board of Industrial training, services delivered were only centred on the development of Region Four. Now, there are bit officers placed in every region, and it does not stop there, we have opened offices in every region, except region eight, which will soon be added. These developments will serve our people, driving the forces to promote national development.” Minister Hamilton noted.

He also implored the graduates to not limit themselves by just doing one course through the semi-autonomous agency but seek further skills training to add to their already existing technical and vocational education and training skills.

The minister added in 2022, more than 4000 persons are earmarked to become beneficiaries of skills training through the Board of Industrial Training.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, another graduation ceremony will be held in Moruca, Region One, certifying more than one hundred persons in the district who would have completed bit programs in 2021.