Guyana police seizes 852 grams of narcotics, taking measures to make drug-free nation

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Georgetown, Guyana: The authorities of Whales Police Station of Guyana conducted an operation in Patentia Housing Scheme and “Skull-City,” Patentia, West Bank Demerara and discovered 852 grams of narcotics on Thursday. The officers were not able to catch the suspect as he ran away but they are probing the matter in detail in order to find the owner of the cannabis found by the investigating team.

As per the details shared by the authorities, they have discovered a man, carrying a haversack who fled from the scene, dropping the bag as soon as he saw the officers. Following that, the officers picked up the bag and conducted a search of it. 

While conducting the search, the officers found narcotics which were later weighed by them and amounted to 852 grams, with an estimated street value of $766,800.00. The officers seized the narcotics discovered by them and escorted them to the Whales Police Station. 

The authorities of the nation did not arrest any person during the operation and are now conducting a thorough investigation in order to get the culprit punished for the offence. 

The residents of the community have urged the administration to take stringent measures in order to stop the consumption of drugs. They have raised concerns over the youth of the nation who are getting indulged in such activities. 

One person commented “The possession of drugs is becoming so common in the nation that I have got tired of seeing all this. The strict measures need to be applied in order to ensure the safety of the nation.”

Meanwhile, another person commented the following There are many other serious crime activities occurring in the nation which also need to be stopped. Where are police officers in those cases. A crime is a crime doesn’t matter, how big or small it is.”

The administration of the nation has ensured that they are planning to host in the coming days such workshops which will spread awareness and play a significant role in reducing the consumption of drugs and can protect youth and all other citizens from getting involved in such intoxicated addiction

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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