34-year-old woman of Guyana arrested for possessing over 100 kgs of cannabis

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Georgetown, Guyana: A 34-year-old woman was arrested as the officers seized over 100 kilograms of suspected cannabis from her residence. The woman is still in police custody and the authorities are conducting further investigation. 

The woman has been identified as a resident of Grove, East Bank Demerara. Upon receiving the information, the officers led by a Detective Corporal immediately acted on it and reached the apartment located at Backstreet Grove. The apartment is reported to be occupied by the woman and her 57-year-old father.

As soon as the authorities reached the residence, they conducted a search and discovered a plastic barrel which was stashed in the ceiling of an apartment. The barrels contained several bulky plastic parcels which were packed with suspected cannabis leaves, stems and seeds. 

Subsequently, the officers arrested the 34-year-old woman and took her to the Divisional Headquarters 4B. The narcotics found in her residence was later weighed and they amounted to 101.7 kilograms of cannabis. 

The investigating officers are probing the matter in detail and several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and shared their views and opinions on the matter. 

One person commented, “It is so disgusting, now women have also started consuming narcotic substances, it is good that authorities have arrested her and the person who is guilty should be punished irrespective of gender.”

Another person commented the following “Good job by authorities, should continue to conduct such operations and the culprits should be given severe punishment for the offences they commit.”

The residents of the community have requested the authorities to implement stringent measures in order to stop the possession and smuggling of drugs. The citizens have also raised their concerns about the impact that these drug cases can have on the younger generation of the country. 

Therefore, they have urged the citizens to take such measures which can tackle the smuggling and consumption of drugs, with the motive to make the country a drug-free nation. 

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