Guyana officers discovered 667 grams of marijuana, arrests 26-year-old woman. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Guyana officers discovered 667 grams of marijuana, arrests 26-year-old woman

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Georgetown, Guyana: The Guyana officials conducted a cordon and search exercise and discovered 667 grams of suspected marijuana at a house in Cane Grove. The incident is reported to have taken place on 13th June 2024, and a 26-year-old was arrested in connection to those findings.

The 26-year-old has been identified as a housewife of Patwah Scheme/Long Dam, Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara. As per the details shared by the authorities, they found a plastic bag that contained several illegal things. The things, including a number of leaves, seeds and stems which were suspected to be cannabis and all of that were found in a plastic barrel in the upper flat.

Following the findings discovered from the house, the officers arrested the 26-year-old woman and took her to Mahaica Police Station. On reaching there, the officers weighed the suspected cannabis, and it amounted to 667 grams. The suspect has been placed in custody and is slated to be charged.

The residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their concern about the increasing drug activity occurring in the nation. One person wrote, “Good job by the authorities; drug trafficking is increasing a lot. Such actions by officers show how dedicated they are towards their duties.”

Another person wrote, “Crime is increasing a lot in this nation; it is getting difficult to live peacefully. The authorities need to get a little more active and continue to do such exercises.”

The administration of Guyana has ensured the citizens of the nation that they are implementing strict plans and policies in order to tackle increasing crime rate in the country. They also shed light on their aim of protecting youth from getting indulged in such kind of drug possession or criminal activities. They have also promised to enhance the safety and security system with a vision to make Guyana, a peaceful country.