Guyana: Miner stabbed to death, murderer on the run

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A 58-year-old miner dies after being stabbed at Arimu Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region #7 of Guyana, between Tuesday, 2 January and Wednesday, 3 January 2024.

An investigation is being conducted by detectives to look into the alleged murder of Jimmy Edward Ashby, age 58-year-old who hailed from the North West District. Ashby was a miner by profession and is suspected to have been murdered by an individual name ‘One Hand Loyde’.

A 69-year-old businessman of Four Miles Housing Scheme, Bartica who is known to both Ashby and the suspect stated that “they visited his shop on a regular basis, at around 12:00 hrs. However, on 2 January 2024, I was at the back of my shop cooking when both the suspect and the victim were consuming alcohol at his shop when they got into a heated argument.”

As per the information revealed by the said source, he went to the front of his shop to know what had happened, at that time Ashby told the source that the suspect had stabbed him in his chest.

It was also mentioned by the businessman that the victim told him that he was okay and he did not want to get any kind of medical help.

However, while the businessman was on his way to make a call at around 6:30 hrs on Wednesday he observed the dead body of Ashby on a bench alongside Arimu Trail. Subsequently, the 69-year-old immediately called and reported the matter to the authorities of Guyana.

The investigators found Ashby’s body in a sitting position on a bench along the Arimu main trail. The dead body of the victim was covered in a red and white sweatshirt, grey vest and blue short pants.

During the process of examination, a single stab wound was observed to the centre of Ashby’s chest and the body was taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital for the further investigation.

The Guyana Police Force has stated that they are making every effort to arrest the suspect and put him behind the bars for the offence he committed.

The residents of the nation commented on this matter via Facebook. Robert Sahadeo commented “The man told him that he got stabbed in his chest, he should have taken the man to seek medical attention right away.”

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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