Guyana: Health Ministry asks people to stay safe during festive season 2022

Guyana: Health Ministry asks people to stay safe during festive season 2022

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Guyana: The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Guyana has appealed to the people to take care of their loved ones during the festive season of Christmas and New Year.

The Ministry of Guyana appealed and outlined, “This Christmas, give the gift of life by protecting your loved ones against vaccine-preventable diseases.”

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health’s nightly vaccination campaign continues throughout December at the MOH tarmac up to 7 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

HPV and COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are available for children and adults.

“Let’s join the national effort to stay safe during the holiday season,” it said while concluding its message.

The Ministry has raised the concern as the festive season witnessed a large gathering of people. The festive season in Guyana is a time of joy and celebration! Every year, the country celebrates the season with colourful parades, lively music, and traditional festivities. It is a time for families as well as friends to come together and celebrate the joy of the season.

Christmas is the most important holiday of the season. Most people in Guyana celebrate Christmas with a week-long celebration. On Christmas Eve, the streets are filled with the sounds of carolers, the smell of traditional Guyanese Christmas dishes, and the sight of beautiful decorations. After the Christmas Eve service, people often gather in their homes for a traditional dinner.

People gather for a festive church service and a traditional feast on Christmas morning. The meal often includes dishes such as pepperpot, a stew made from cassareep, a syrup made from the cassava root, and other traditional Guyanese dishes. After the meal, people exchange gifts and sing carols.

The festive season in Guyana also includes other celebrations, such as Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. On Boxing Day, people often go out to the beach to celebrate. On New Year’s Day, people often have large parties or attend a special church service.