Guyana: Garfield Brigdemohan dies in fatal accident at Essequibo Coast

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Georgetown, Guyana: Garfield Brigdemohan, a 36-year-old, died in a fatal accident that took place on Friday at Queenstown Public Road, Essequibo Coast. 

It is to be noted that the accident occurred due to the collision of motorcar #PXX 9235 and a pedal cycle. The motorcar was owned by a 71-year-old man, Frank Anthony Ramsahoye, who is a resident of Parika. Garfield Brigdemohan was the pedal-cyclist who was a resident of Lot 95 School Street, Queenstown, Essequibo Coast.

According to the information, motorcar #PXX 9235 was proceeding North at a fast speed while the pedal-cyclist was also proceeding towards the same direction when the accident happened.

However, Frank Anthony Ramsahoye claimed he suddenly saw a man on a bicycle riding who made ‘a sudden lean’ and collided with the front left side of his vehicle and further hit the windshield. As a consequence, the pedal cyclist fell onto the road surface, where he received multiple injuries on his body.

Subsequently, Garfield Brigdemohan was picked up by the driver in an unconscious manner and later taken to the Suddie Public Hospital. On reaching the hospital, the doctors on duty examined the victim and pronounced him dead.

Notably, Guyana’s police force arrested the motorcar driver and placed him in custody at the Anna Regina Police Station. Along with that, the vehicle was also lodged at the police station to be examined by a licensing and certifying officer. The authorities are thoroughly investigating the matter.

Moreover, the dead body of the victim is still lying at the Suddie Public Hospital’s Mortuary. The post-mortem examination is left to be done.

The citizens of the nation also took to their official Facebook handles, expressed their views, and extended their condolences to the family of the victim.

One person with a Facebook account, Rocquel Johnson, commented, “This clearly shows he was hit from the back. I hope the family get justice.”

Another person with a Facebook handle, Dwarka Maraj, commented the following: “The police should do a breathalyser test on the driver.”

“Nothing wrong with the Bicycle’s Front Wheel; the car may Have tipped the Bicycle’s Back Wheel”, commented Lakechand Singh.

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