Guyana Fire department stands out, saves life of M.V. Sabanto cruise’s passenger

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Guyana: The fire service department of Guyana served as a helping hand, by offering prompt medical assistance to the unwell passenger onboard the M.V. Sabanto cruise. This incident took place when the vessel was around Guyana on its journey to reach its destination.

As per the details, M.V. Sabanto departed Supenaam Stelling, a village in Guyana when a passenger had fainted and failed to regain consciousness, amidst the journey. This incident created chaos among all the travellers but the situation was handled very smartly by the authorities. 

After the matter was conveyed to the crew members of the cruise, they responded immediately by offering medical services to the passenger in order to get her back in a stable position. 

Subsequently, the crew members continued to monitor her for the remaining journey and when the cruise docked at Parika, she was immediately taken to the hospital via ambulance which was arranged by the Stelling’s staff. 

As per the reports, she was discharged from the hospital and is currently resting at home. This incident reflects the attentiveness and rapid response of the Guyana Fire Service for performing their duties diligently. 

For the same, the Transport and Harbours Department also extended gratitude to the Guyana Fire Service for their swift action in the matter and for arranging medical services for the well-being of the unwell guest. 

Several residents of the community also appreciated the department for their unwavering commitment and dedication towards making a vibrant atmosphere for the travellers of the nation and ensuring their visit is memorable and comfortable. 

They all took to their social media accounts and lauded the department through their comments. One user with a Facebook handle commented “Thanks to all those who played a part in assisting this lady. You guys did a really great job.”

Another person with a Facebook handle Shirley Shiwkaran commented the following “Good to know, that members of the ship crew are equipped with medical experience. Great job.”

“We all need one another, I must say special thank you to all the people who did a great part to assist the lady,” wrote a user named Deo Paul.

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