The man has sentenced to 17-years jail period for raping a minor. Picture Credits: Fb account

Guyana court sentences man to 17-years jail period for raping a minor

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Nelroy Barry, a resident of Demerara-Mahaica Mason, Guyana, has been sentenced to serve 17 years in jail for brutally raping a 15-year-old girl.

He was found guilty of the offences he was accused of by a jury during his trial in September 2023. He was taken to Demerara High Court and was presented before Justice Jo Ann Barlow.

The sentence was passed on Barry on Tuesday, 28th November 2023.

As per the information, on 7 January 2023, the victim went to Barry’s house in order to search for someone.

The details added that, “There, the girl was approached sexually and eventually raped by Barry. As soon as the officers reported the matter, the Police officials immediately responded to it by taking the accused to court. There, he was charged with the offences.”

According to the sources, the victim was raped just two days before her birthday.

Moreover, while answering the probation officer’s questions, he stated that he was not aware of the girl’s age.

Barry’s case was represented by Attorney-at-law Tamieka Clarke, while Latifah Elliot was among the state counsel who prosecuted the matter.

Judge Barlow shed light on the rising number of sexual offences with minor victims. He also pointed out the seriousness of the crime while imposing Barry’s sentence.

The command was also made by Judge Barlow to all the prisoners; she allowed them to engage in programmes which are designed especially for sex offenders in order to make them realise their crimes so that they do not even think of repeating them.

Meanwhile, one more person was accused, along with Barry. He has been identified as Calvin Reid, who is also known as Callo, a resident of Mason from Region Four.

Reid is currently waiting for a new trial as the jury members were not able to arrive at a verdict in connection to the allegation against him and he is currently out on bail.

Furthermore, Barry was charged and remanded to prison in 2021 for attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend, whom he had chopped.

He is presently waiting for his trial for the offence of raping a girl at the High Court.

Moreover, the citizens of Guyana reacted to this incident, they commented:

One person commented: He should never see daylight again.

Another person commented: This raping punkass should be denied his freedom for a long time. Hope the boys in jail put him on the receiving end.