Guyana: BIT appreciates Judy Siland for achieving her dreams
Guyana: BIT appreciates Judy Siland for achieving her dreams || Picture Courtesy: BIT Guyana
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Georgetown, Guyana: The Board of Industrial Training took social media to appreciate Judy Siland. As her discovery of the Board of Industrial Training Facebook page several years ago provided her with the opportunity to fulfil all her dreams. The Region Ten resident explained that she couldn’t pass up this opportunity after conducting a thorough investigation into the agency and its numerous programmes.

According to the latest update shared by BIT Guyana, she quickly enrolled in the Board of Industrial Training’s Food Preparation programme for 2021. Siland described her experience as one she will never forget, particularly the help she received from her instructor, Debra Richmond.

“Having children in school while undergoing training was extremely difficult, so I had to make some sacrifices because I knew what my goals were, and so I pushed through,” she explained. This is exactly what happened, as she was able to learn a variety of cooking, baking, and design techniques to start her own business.

This business, she said, was supposed to start after her graduation ceremony, but everything changed after she heard the Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton’s speech. She stated that his lecture inspired her to consider her future and how she could further contribute to the country’s development. To that end, she decided to enrol in the Garment Construction Programme of the agency in 2022 and later become certified.

“Now that I have these two certificates, I can support myself financially.” “It has even allowed me to spread my wings and pursue other projects in order to become financially stable, all thanks to BIT,” she explained.

The post further stated that Siland advised people to take advantage of the BIT’s programmes to become competent workers. She also thanked the organization for giving her the opportunity to become certified when such opportunities were not available to others.

However, Siland will not be seen for the last time by the Board of Industrial Training, as she intends to return to pursue other programmes to supplement her current talents.