Guyana: Labour Ministry introduces Sharla Hernandez, who provides support to family
Guyana: Labour Ministry introduces Sharla Hernandez, who provides support to family || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Labour of Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Labour and the Board of Industrial Training of the Republic of Guyana has penned down a narrative about hardworking Sharla Hernandez, who fought against the odds to provide support and resources to the family.

The ministry and the board took it to social media and stated, “Sharla Hernandez’s back was against the wall, and she had few resources to support her family.”

Furthermore, mentioned that this was until last year when she discovered the Board of Industrial Training’s Food Preparation Programme. Prior to this opportunity, she was making and selling incredible local jewellery and other handmade products to both locals and visitors. This enterprise, however, was unable to survive on its own.

As per the social media post by the BIT, this inspired her to pursue another life skill through the organization to supplement her income. Thanks to BIT’s trainer, Velesa Harding, she is “now able to prepare my own pastries and cakes for my children, who now frequently request them.”

She stated that her new expertise was able to cover a gap that she had previously felt was impossible to fill but was made possible by the Board of Industrial Training. She expressed her thanks for the opportunity to empower herself to care for her family.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am grateful to be a part of, and I only hope that others will recognize the long-term advantage of receiving training from the Board of Industrial Training in order to be employed,” Hernandez said.

People of Guyana took comment section and congratulated her. Some also praised her for her hard work and dedication.

Earlier, the ministry informed about Alecia Duggin, a resident of Region Six, who has always been intrigued by the Heavy-Duty Equipment Operator profession, which her father and older brother both holds.

After completing her secondary education only a few weeks earlier, her fascination prompted her to investigate the Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation (HDEO) course offered by the Board of Industrial Training. She made what she believed to be a “no-brainer” decision, which became clear when she started the gruelling program and quickly rose to the top student rank among the boys.