Guyana announces 6.5% salary hike for public servants

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The Government of Guyana has announced to give 7% salary hike to all public servants. This decision will apply to thousands of people involved in public services all over the nation, including teachers, administrative services and other related departments.

A 6.5% hike will be applicable across the board, according to Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, who made the announcement during a broadcast. The raise will apply later this month and will benefit government pensioners and constitutional officeholders as well.

He added, “This increase will be granted retroactively to the first of January 2023, and the consequential salary adjustments will benefit over 54,000 public servants, teachers, members of the disciplined services and government pensioners and will place an additional GYD$7.5 billion in disposable income annually in the hands of these employees.”

Dr Ashni Singh pointed out that the government has taken note of the hardships that public servants have to encounter, despite which, they continue to provide services to the people of the nation. He was quite vocal about the role that the men and women in uniform play in the security and safety of the people of Guyana as well.

“As such I also wish to announce that we will pay a one-month tax free bonus to all members of the disciplined services, which will benefit 12,000 members of the uniformed services and will place an additional GUY$1.5 billion of disposal income in their hands” he added.

It was also said that the civilian employees of the Guyana Defense Force (GDF) will also receive a bonus under this initiative and this will be the first time such a step is being taken.

The government has also initiated procedures which ensure that all concerned individuals receive their salaries retroactively “and in the case of the disciplined services together with the one-month tax free bonus no later than the designated pay day in December” said Singh.

According to official sources, this step is being taken by the government to ensure that workers who are involved in fields that are for the benefit of the public can experience an improved standard of living, prospects and opportunities. The goal is to make sure that these initiatives continue to progress and provide public servants with the facilities and resources that they deserve.

This development has been received quite well by the public, which appreciates the government’s efforts to ensure that public servants are not left behind as the nation continues to progress into the future.

George Henry
George Henry
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