Guyana: 75 Barticians certified in various vocational, technical programmes
Guyana: 75 Barticians certified in various vocational, technical programmes

Georgetown, Guyana: The Labour Ministry, in collaboration with the Board of Industrial Training, has praised a citizen and resident of Region Seven of the country. “Becoming qualified in Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation (HDEO) is a childhood goal come true for Police Sergeant Kerron Gordon, who is stationed in Bartica, Region Seven,” the post by the minister read. 

It further noted that during a graduation ceremony at the Bartica Community Centre, he was one of 75 graduates who received certification in Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation, Electrical Installation, Welding and Fabrication, and General Building Construction. 


Ministry added that the police sergeant stated that he has always been fascinated by how much heavy-duty devices operate and wished to learn how to do so. This, he added, began to take shape after he discussed the entire programme with Joseph Bharrat, Regional Technical Officer of the Board of Industrial Training.

The post further mentioned that he thanked the government for allowing him to achieve his life objective, which he hopes to share with other interested parties.

According to the post, Alf Darrel-Wilson, a police sergeant, expressed similar sentiments, wanting to learn critical knowledge and abilities to become a trained Heavy-Duty Equipment Officer. 

“This was something that I had wanted to do for a while now, but financially I could not afford it, and then this opportunity landed on my lap, so I pounced at it. “I am now a certified heavy-duty equipment operator, and I am pleased with myself,” he told BIT’sBIT’s officials.

The post by the Labour Ministry informed that this accomplishment, he claimed, was also made possible by the assistance of his coworkers who participated in the programme. 

As a result, Darrel-Wilson urges other police officers to take advantage of the free technical programmes Guyana’sGuyana’s Board of Industrial Training offers. 

It doesn’tdoesn’t matter whether they want to be members of the welding and fabrication or heavy-duty equipment operating programmes; what counts is that they want to learn a new talent, especially in an age when having more than one skill is vital,” he said.

As per the Ministry, Saskia Eastman-Onwuzirike, Acting Chief Executive Officer Board of Industrial Training, commended the graduates for completing their different programmes despite their hardships. 

She emphasised, however, that today’stoday’s event is only the beginning of their path to contribute to the country’scountry’s progress appropriately.

As a result, she hopes they will consider their next step in becoming a well-rounded individual capable of accomplishing many things. Joseph Hamilton, Minister of Labour, stated that today’stoday’s event reflects the government’sgovernment’s commitment to changing the Region’sRegion’s trajectory by boosting the number of competent workers in the Region.

He added that he expressed his appreciation for the positive transition, which indicates the PPP/C administration’sadministration’s willingness to provide its inhabitants with the necessary skills and knowledge to be employed. He noted that the government would continue to invest in its people to see such developments.

“We are shifting from spending $3.2 million in 2021 to spending $12.7 million in 2022 to train over 70 people, which will ultimately improve the country’scountry’s workforce,” the Labour Minister explained, as per the post by the Ministry. 

It added that to fuel this momentum, a $10 million training school for the Board of Industrial Training will be constructed in the Region for the first time. There are plans to build a joinery, welding, and fabrication centre as an annexe to the training school.

As per the update, Bisram Kuppen, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Labour, commended the graduates for gaining much-needed skills to help alleviate the country’scountry’s skill deficit in various industries. 

As a result, he urged them to treasure their existing skills and to continue exploring numerous opportunities for furthering their own and the Region’sRegion’s development. Board of Industrial Training, Senior Technical Officer Leon Greaves, Mayor of Bartica, Gifford Marshall, among other officials, attended the ceremony.