Guyana: 23 ladies for Region Eight receives certificates in garment construction skills
Guyana: 23 ladies for Region Eight receives certificates in garment construction skills || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Labour - Guyana (Facebook)

Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Labour and Board of Industrial Training (BIT) of the Republic of Guyana has felt delighted after presenting certification to 23 ladies of Region Eight. As per the update, these twenty-three (23) ladies from Kato, Region Eight, are transforming their village through their acquired garment construction skills offered through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

The update further informed that among the batch of ladies, there are mothers, grandmothers and young girls who were encouraged by community leaders and the Technical Officer in responsibility of Region Eight, Jermaine Geness.


Before the certification of the programme, the batch of trainees who are now graduates committed themselves to master the sewing programme and utilized the practical exercise to sew school uniforms, and nurses’ uniforms, among other day-to-day clothing, as per the Board of Industrial Training.

The garment construction course is the first of its kind for the residents of Kato, and the certified beneficiaries will use their skills to train other residents of the village so that they can cater to the school children being properly clothed as the new school term approaches in September.

“Each beneficiary received a certificate in a small graduation ceremony attended by the BIT Technical Officer, Senior Technical Officer, Bevon Sheperd, Toshao of Kato, and Elvan James,” it stated.

The beneficiaries also received four new sewing machines compliments of the BIT.

In addition to this, the Labour Ministry of the nation also informed about the recently conducted seminars and inspections. As per the update, on Tuesday, May 9th, 2023, several primary school children, construction workers, and police officers in Wakenaam, Region Three, benefited from a series of Sensitization Seminars and Inspections.

The exercise was carried out by the Ministry of Labour’s Department for Occupational Safety and Health, and it targeted Arthurville and Sans Souci Primary Schools, as well as the Sans Souci Police Station and several construction sites.