Guyana: 21-year-old accused of shooting his 14-year-old girlfriend

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Leion Garraway, a 21-year-old gold miner accused of shooting his 14-year-old girlfriend, was remanded to prison in the court on Friday.

Garraway, a resident of Norton Street, Lodge, Georgetown, was charged with the offences:

– Possession of a firearm and ammunition.

– Discharging a loaded firearm with the purpose of maiming, disabling and causing many bodily harms.

Garraway’s attorney asked the Senior Magistrate Leron Daly to set fair bail for his client. But the prosecutor officers expressed grave worries as they stated that Garraway had been charged initially also for similar offences.

The prosecutor added that there is an acquaintance between the accused and that minor girl whom he refers to as his girlfriend.

As per the information, Garraway, along with the girl, travelled to Lot 69 Norton Street Lodge in Georgetown for a party at her friend’s home on Saturday, 25th November, at around 23:00 hrs.

According to the prosecution, the accused took out his handgun and, pointed it towards the girl and fired her with that many times, striking the girl’s left thumb.

The injured girl was then taken to the Kitty Health Centre, where she went through proper treatment and has now been discharged from the hospital.

It was also added by the Prosecutor that Police officials also conducted a search at the Garraway’s home. On searching his house, they found:

– .32 pistol along with .32 live

The authorities said that the serial number was filed off from the gun.

Moreover, when the officers asked the accused if he was the proprietor of the gun, he replied by saying no and stating that Anthony had given him the gun.

Due to this, the accused was apprehended by the officials.

Also, the prosecutor’s objection was upheld by the presiding magistrate, which resulted in the accused being remanded to prison until 19th January 2024.

The citizens of Guyana reacted to this incident and shared their views:

One person commented: That 14-year-old girl is underage, first of all. He’s an adult, okay? So, charge him for both offences. Teach these young people a lesson.

Another person commented: I am wondering who the parents of that 14-year-old are.

A person commented: His kind must remain behind bars for the safety of citizens.

One of the citizens blamed the parents for this case; he stated: Parents must be ashamed of themselves. 

Nia Roberts
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