Grenada reports 3 COVID-19 related deaths in 72 hours

Grenada reports 3 COVID-19 related deaths in 72 hours
Grenada reports 3 COVID-19 related deaths in 72 hours

In the last 72 hrs, 3 deaths were reported in Grenada due to the COVID-19 virus. These 3 cases were admitted to General Hospital to their COVID-19 unit. Six other cases have been hospitalized due to the rising complications due to the COVID-19 virus.

The island has been struggling to tackle the increasing cases of COVID-19 amid community spread. There are 440 COVID-19 cases reported in Grenada. The confirmed cases of COVID-19 touched the figure of 125 on Wednesday. These cases were confirmed after PCR testing, but hundreds of people are waiting for test results.


Senior Medical Officer Dr Myanna Charles said that the rate of COVID-19 positivity on the island had increased to 11 per cent from 3.2 per cent. She said that these incidents are terrible.

Dr Charles said, “A few days ago, health officials had to conduct about 33 tests before they got a positive case, today, they are only conducting about 10 tests before they see a positive case. The situation is very, very serious, and we need to take heed and remember the core public preventative measures which include wearing the masks properly over your nose and mouth, social distancing, sanitizing, and avoiding crowded spaces. More than ever, we need the general public to take heed and practice those measures.”

According to the new releases by GIS reported that positive cases are being recorded in most of the areas of the island. The most of the cases have been reported from the capital St George. Capital has the highest numbers of the COVID-19 cases and the highest rate of positivity at 45 per cent. On the other side St. John/St. Mark together had recorded 31 per cent. St. Andrew 17 per cent, St. David 6 per cent, and St. Patrick 1 per cent.

Due to the several mass gathering functions, the COVID-19 cases hiked on the island. Dr Charles said the Ministry of Health believes it is that variant infecting Grenadians in the current outbreak.