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Grenada: People and government of Grenada remembers the passing of one of the deadly Hurricanes – Hurricane Janet in the year 1995. The natural disaster brought nerve-racking experience with around 15 inches of heavy rainfall and high gust.

Hurricane Janet passed between Grenada and Carriacou on the 22nd of September 1955. The storm hit Grenada at 115 mph. There were 15 inches of rain and very heavy wind and rain for around 9 hours.

The same island country of Grenada, with a population of 66,000, was badly hit by Janet as a Hurricane of Category IV.

It is considered that the landfall of Hurricane Janet is one of the worst climate change impacts on the island, resulting death of around 150 Grenadians. The survivors of the Hurricane faced multiple challenges as the island was in shambles, and many were left without drinking water.

It was impossible to land a plane at the Grenada airport as it was covered with debris. Additionally, the docks and warehouses were massively destroyed. Apart from this, the capital city – St George’s, also faced devastation. Many of the houses were left without roofs, and the balconies of headquarters of government homes were also ripped off. Many of the medical institutes, hospitals and leading luxury hotels were damaged in the capital city.

Infrastructure was also collapsed, and crops were destroyed. The heavy rain and speedy winds resulted in damage to the spice plantation island-wide. Grenada’s entire banana and cocoa crops were destroyed. 95 percent of nutmeg trees and coconut trees were uprooted. Along with this, 20 out of 50 schools were seriously damaged.