Grenada: PM Mitchell meets Staff of Ministry of Finance on July 6

Grenada: PM Mitchell meets Staff of Ministry of Finance on July 6

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Grenada: Newly elected Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell met with Staff of Ministry of Finance. Prime Minister Mitchell was well received by staff at the Ministry of Finance, a major portfolio under the Prime Minister’s leadership, when he continued his ministerial visits on Thursday.

During a brief discussion with staff, PM Mitchell highlighted areas of importance that he plans to address in short order.

These include greater use of technology in government business to go paperless and the regularization of the staff in the next twelve to eighteen months.

Mitchell said the government does not possess a “magic wand” to fix all issues, and he highlighted the need for all workers to give one hundred percent in the performance of their duties, as increased productivity will ensure successful output and alignment with the government’s priorities.

Leaning on the people-first team-spirit approach, the Prime Minister encouraged Heads of Divisions to focus on workers’ health and safety while consistently improving their physical working conditions.

The country witnessed general elections held on June 23, 2022 (Thursday), and at the end of the day, Grenada had a new Prime Minister – Dickon Mitchell, leader of the National Democratic Congress.

Leader of the National Democratic Congress, 44-year-old Dickon Mitchell, bagged victory against 75-year-old Dr Mitchell, leader of the New National Party, who was hoping to lead Grenada for a final term.