Read Here: Grenada govt shares 11 storm warning tips

Read Here: Grenada govt shares 11 storm warning tips

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Grenada: The government of the country has shared 11 storm warning tips ahead of the tropical storm warning.

As per the guidance shared by the government of Grenada, the following are the 11 storm warning tips.

• Continuously monitor NaDMA’s social media page and media houses for weather forecasts and updates.

• Reduce hazards in and around your home; cut overhanging trees, re-strain loose outdoor furniture and items, and clean the dogged gutter and blocked drains.

• Pack a ‘Grab and Go’ bag, which might last for at least 72 hours in the event you and your family need to evacuate.

• Assemble a household emergency kit, including water, food, medical supplies, radio, batteries, flashlight etc.

• Be cautious when walking or driving along with hillsides or landslide-prone areas.

• Avoid walking or driving through flood waters of unknown depths.

• Evacuate to higher ground if flooding is imminent or occurring.

• Complete your Emergency Plan in case a flood disrupts your normal route.

• Flood waters can damage important documents; store important documents in a waterproof container or digitally.

• Reduce potential property damage by installing sandbags and elevating appliances.

• Practice electrical safety – During flooding, disconnect all electrical power to your home, business or property.

The government of Grenada has further wished for the safety of the people and asked them to follow all the possible instructions.