Grenada opposition leader resigns

Grenada opposition leader resigns
Grenada opposition leader resigns

Franka Bernardine, the newly elected leader of the main opposition National Democratic Party (NDP), has resigned.

Bernardine was elected to lead the party on November 3, said that she decided to resign because of medical reasons.

Bernardine said in a video issued on the Facebook page of the party that she regrets that she decided to step out of politics because of medical reasons.

She said that her doctors indicated that the stress levels are very high, and she runs the risk of shortening her life.

She said that the stress is harming her health and has created several factors which would disappear if the stress factor is reduced.

So, she said that she has a little choice and she must resign from both positions.

She also resigned as the caretaker for the South East St George’s constituency.

Bernardine assured that she would continue to support NDP.

She said that she agreed to let it run for one year and would see how things develop.