Grenada prepares to celebrate its 50th Independence Day. (Image Credits: NOW Grenada)

Grenada launches website for 50th Independence Day Celebration

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Grenada has launched a commemorative website, as a unique initiative which will help celebrate the nation’s 50th Independence Day with more pomp and gusto than ever before.

The website serves the purpose of providing information on all things related to the celebration of the 50th Independence Day. Features on the website include an interactive calendar, providing the schedules of all the celebrations organized for this historic event.

The site is also responsible for making the logo and theme song of the celebration readily available to all those who log on to it. This is being done to help the citizens of the nation feel immersed in the celebrations and propagate a sense of national pride and unity.

The immersive site has been designed to give the best possible user experience, allowing people to engage with vendors, volunteers, partners and sponsors while giving the user the latest news and updates regarding the festivities.

Gail Purcell, Head of the Secretariat, National Organising Committee, had this to say, “We are thrilled to present the embodiment of the spirit of the celebrations – togetherness, pride, celebration – via this digital platform.  The website not only serves as a repository for the history we make within this period but also as a dynamic space to share our cultural richness with the world.”

Citizens have been asked to engage with the site in an active manner, so as to enhance the sense of pride and unity between them, as well as well wishers from around the world. The site will also use social media integration to enable the global community to be a part of the celebration.

The entire endeavor is being seen as a new and innovative way of bringing not just the citizens of Grenada, but also the diaspora and anyone else interested in the rich history of the nation, together to celebrating this auspicious day.

It is also an attempt by the government of Grenada to use the latest technological developments available for the benefit of its people. The buck doesn’t stop there though, as the website is also being considered a great way of bringing the history and traditions of Grenada to the world.