JetBlue begins flights from Boston to Grenada. (Image Credits: Google Images)

JetBlue schedules flights between Grenada and Boston

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JetBlue has initiated flights between the Caribbean nation of Grenada and Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This is being seen as a significant development in aviation routes to and from the Caribbean, promoting passenger convenience and enhancing the connectivity of the region.

The inaugural flight, JBU2153 landed at the Maurice Bishop International Airport at 12:40 pm. The approximate flight time from Boston’s Logan Airport to Grenada is four hours and 45 mins.

A welcoming ceremony was held at the Maurice Bishop International Airport, as the passengers disembarked from their flight. One of the passengers on the flight was the Chairman of Grenada’s Tourism Authority, Randall Dolland.

He stated that the new flight was a great option for visitors from Massachusetts and other states in the vicinity, as it cuts down their travel time by avoiding a lay over in New York.

“Almost 10 per cent of the passengers heading back to JFK on JetBlue were connected to Boston. Now we have established a bridge where we know that there is pent up demand for visitors from that area to travel to Grenada” Dolland said in his statement.

He also explained that the hope is to schedule daily flights on the same route. As of now, JetBlue offers a weekly service from Boston and a twice daily winter service from New York to Grenada.

Dolland also explained Grenada’s plans to improve upon what the nations offers to tourists, making it a more appealing option for vacationers.

Minister of Tourism, Lennox Andrews, sang the praises of Grenada’s Tourism Authority Marketing team for their work in negotiating with JetBlue to make this new schedule possible.

Grenada is now aiming at bringing in more tourists by appealing to foreigners of Grenadian, Latin American and Caribbean origin from Boston and the surrounding region.

This is meant to boost the influx of tourists to the ‘Spice Isle’.

JetBlue’s Director of Airport Operations, Daniel Blake, explained that adding Grenada to the Boston route was quite a simple decision to make, considering what the nation has to offer as a tourist destination and the demand for direct connectivity.

In fact, JetBlue has the utmost confidence that this will be a successful venture, which is evident from the fact that they will offer all their services to passengers traveling on this route. This includes the Premier JetBlue Mint Service as well.