Grenada holds a 3-day session of Beach Volleyball Clinic. (Credit: Grenada Volleyball Association - GVA, Facebook)

Grenada Hosts 3-day Beach Volleyball Clinic

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St George, Grenada: The Grenada Volleyball Association graced 3-day sessions of the Beach Volleyball Clinic from October 27-29,2023.

It is to be noted that the above-mentioned event focussed on Physical Education Teachers, Volleyball Players and Coaches who were honoured by Coach David Thomas from Trinidad and Tobago.

The event was a decided success, and the participants showed their gratitude, describing the sessions as quite fruitful and providing them with the relevant fundamentals to improve their game through both practical and theoretical components.

Notably, the clinic led up with a Beach Volleyball Competition, which was held on Sunday, October 29, 2023. The event gave an opportunity to the Beach Volleyballers across the island to gather on Grand Anse Beach to showcase their newly attained knowledge and skills.

The results at the end of the competition are as follows,

Female Category

  1. Thornie Mitchell/ Rennisha Stafford
  2. Jamirah Beadle/ Sienna Dominique
  3. Teasia Jones/ Makayla Mason
  4. Karina Benjamin/ Javern Cadore
  5. Victoria Cravo/ Nora Cancel
  6. Kayla Newton/ Teja Skinner
  7. Celina Hankey/ Chinaza Agard

Male Category

  1. Jonel Phillip/ Jerron Phillip
  2. Kodi Francique/ Javon Charles
  3. Jamie Noel/ Samuel Jessamy
  4. Darron Oxford/ Isaac Nelson
  5. Javin Noel/ Nikel John
  6. Alex Barry/ Joshua Henry
  7. Thad Justin/ Kyle Wall
  8. Roydel Livingston/ Asafa George
  9. Jiemal Louison/ Acea Emmons
  10. Neil Peters/ Evan Smith
  11. Zerick Walcott/ Joshua Cadet
  12. Jamal Collins/ Jabarie Collins

The Grenada Volleyball Association expressed its gratitude to all the participants, the Ministry of Education, coaches David Thomas and Peer Nasseir, and Glenelg Spring Water through their official Facebook Handle.

The sessions in itself are a great achievement as the interest in beach volleyball on the island continues to grow. This tournament is not just limited to this; it also works as an encouragement to those who are looking to pursue beach volleyball as a sport.

As the nation is moving ahead with the policy of promoting sports on the island, it is likely that the government of Grenada will keep pushing it in order to produce a greater number of sportsmen from the island.